Elyse Gardner, Humane Observer

Elyse Gardner has become known as “the Humane Observer.”  She is currently an equine science major on sabbatical in order to monitor and expose the wild horse and burro roundups, and to continue to follow, document, and expose the captive wild horses and burros in holding facilities as a humane advocate observer.  She is a court reporter, musician, horsewoman, and dog trainer, holding an A.S. in court reporting and A.A. in music.

Elyse’s formal work as humane observer began when fellow wild horse advocates appointed her as humane observer for the roundup of Cloud’s Pryor Mountain herd in September 2009, a calling and commission that continues to this day.

Elyse’s documentation — photographs, videos, and articles — is distributed worldwide, helping increase awareness to defend and protect the continued free lives of our American mustangs and burros, and to help secure their compassionate care when in captivity.

Elyse’s life mission:  To promote and provide respectful, appropriate stewardship of God’s creation by having a contagious love for it; to make animals visible to people, with particular emphasis on horses; to personally plumb the depths and potential of personal relationship with them; to help awaken humans to the richness of their world; to do no harm; to provide to them nurture, love, and the best humans have to give.  For wild horses, nurture and love means ensuring their freedom. Elyse’s motto:  caring is great; action is better.

Elyse’s Blog Humane Observer


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