Lacy J. Dalton

She’s one of the most instantly recognizable voices in music – the woman People Magazine called “Country’s Bonnie Raitt”. From the first time Lacy J Dalton caught the public’s ear, that soulful delivery, full of texture and grit, has been a mainstay of Country Music. When you sit to listen to a Lacy J Dalton album, you find yourself pulled in by the very power and heart of this vocalist, because she’s not merely performing a ten-song set, she’s bringing each and every tune to life. It’s as if they were all written especially for her.

Lacy J Dalton’s music is a product of her wide-ranging musical tastes. She was born in Pennsylvania, into a family of musicians. Her father played a variety of stringed instruments, sang and wrote country songs. Her mother played guitar, wrote and sang harmony and her sister played piano and guitar. Lacy’s early influences were the classic country music of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and later, the Folk and Rock sounds of writer/artists like Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and Fred Neil.

She’s always been a writer and an artist who loved music with a message and lyrics that somehow brought a new awareness to the listener. She retains this love of material with a purpose, and her song choices reflect that appreciation. Lacy J Dalton was already a Regional star in California when she went to Nashville. Her National success appeared immediate; another case of an “overnight” star that’d paid dues for a long time.

2010 finds Lacy working to release a new CD and involved deeply in the work of preserving and protecting America’s Wild Horses with her non-profit Nevada corporation, “The Let ‘em Run Foundation”.

Lacy graciously allowed her song “Horse Comin’ ” to be a part of this project. The CD “Wild Horse Crossing,” that contains this song, can be purchased through “Let ‘Em Run.” All proceeds go to the work of the foundation.


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