Laura Leigh

Laura has been an artist for most of her life. She is an award winning illustrator, animator, writer and videographer. Her articles on Wild Horses and Burros have appeared in numerous publications. Her documentation of the current Calico Gather has appeared in such venues as The I-Team Reports of KLAS-TV and CNN.

Laura loves horses. They have held a special place in her heart since childhood. The fight for legislation to protect these amazing beings has become integral to her work.

Laura not only contributed footage to this piece but produced and edited the documentary and graphics in one week.

Update on Laura:

Laura has gone on to Found Wild Horse Education. The organization is active in litigation on various issues with wild horse management, documents range conditions, attends roundups and has rescued wild horses. click the link to see her work (

She has filed legal action against the Agency including a First Amendment case going into the Ninth Circuit early next year and a Humane handling case that gained a TRO to pilot conduct at the Triple B roundup of 2011. Her humane action case is awaiting a decision the end of November.

Laura has become witness to more roundups than any government or public person in the last eighteen months and her documentation has continued to be included in multiple venues of print, electronic and televised newscasts.


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