The piece was originally composed to bring to DC for “The March for Mustangs.” Laura Leigh obtained footage from other observers and added it to her own.

The organization that donated the DVD for DC did a test group and went only with the footage from Laura Leigh demonstrating the helicopter chase of the young horse and the hospital footage that illustrated the injured foals and one of the youngsters that suffered hoof slough.

Laura felt the collective project was important and began to research distribution options. Each one was expensive. She decided to re-edit the piece again.

It is offered to you here in two parts. Part II re-caps the Part I during the first minute of play. Many of you have seen pieces of the footage used in these compilations. It is a long, hard watch. If you make it through the credits there is a shortened section of additional information. Music was generously provided by Lacy Dalton and a friend of Laura’s provided Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

So pull up a chair, grab a box of tissues and ….

Part I

Part II Go to time code 1:12 to skip re-cap


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